At the D: All Things Digital conference Palm has shown off some new webOS features to the attending crowd.

First was the iTunes integration that Pocket-lint has previous reported on. The device syncs seamlessly with Apple's music service. As well as that, it can be used in mass-storage mode to appear as a drive on the PC, and there's an Amazon MP3 store on the device itself.

The universal search function on the Pre will include Twitter's realtime search. The handset will try to work out what you're searching for while you're typing, and offers shortcuts to Google, Google Maps, Wikipedia and now Twitter, too, even if you're not a Twitter account holder.

The App Catalog is Palm's version of the app store. It'll have applications from AP News, Citysearch, Fandango, Pandora and uLocate, though you can bet that the Pandora application won't work in the UK.

There's still not been any official confirmation of which network the Pre will be landing on in Britain, though newspaper reports have suggested that it might be O2. The phone will be available in the States from 6 June, but the UK launch isn't planned until later in the year.