More fuel to the iPhone 3 rumours has surfaced over the bank holiday weekend, this time via an icon and reference within the latest iPhone 3.0 SDK.

According to aptly named MacRumours website it has dug up a forum thread that reveals the mention of "iPhone 2,1" within the latest build of the iPhone SDK, suggesting a new model is perhaps closer than first thought.

The icon appears identical to the iPhone 1,2 icon, which represents the iPhone 3G, suggesting either no change in design or Apple has merely used a placeholder icon for the time being.

While the icon is incredibly small, the mere presence of it suggests Apple has fallen foul of the same mistake twice. The iPhone 3G model was also outed in a similar icon slip.

Previous rumours have suggested that a new model would keep a similar, if not the same, form factor as the current iPhone 3G, with the main difference being a performance boost thanks to a new chipset.

We will keep you posted.