The Palm Pre will be available in the US in the first week of June according to the New York Times.

"The season’s most compelling phone drama will start the first week in June, when Sprint will begin selling the Palm Pre, people briefed on the company’s plans said", the newspaper is reporting.

The move means the announcement would come just days before Apple's Worldwide Developers Conference where the company could announce a new iPhone.

The article, which outlines the state of the US smartphone market for the coming months, builds on rumours that the US would see an announcement for when the Palm Pre would be announced on the 19 May in the US.

Meanwhile in the UK, Palm has yet to set a date for the launch of the smartphone expected to take on the iPhone.

Palm confirmed to Pocket-lint at the phones unveiling at CES in January that it would be the second half of 2009.

We will keep you posted.