Joby, the company behind the ingenious Gorillapod camera tripod, is trying its hand at reinventing the Bluetooth headset. It's just announced a new product - the Zivio Boom.

Unlike other Bluetooth hands-free units which attempt to pick up what your mouth is saying from somewhere near your ear, the Zivio Boom is more like an office headset with an extendible microphone that slides out to near the corner of your mouth.

Joby claims this adds a considerable amount of clarity to the sound, promising "crystal-clear" audio. Another benefit is that you won't be walking past people on the street who think you're talking to yourself - it's a visible sign that you're on the phone - or on your way to a Madonna fan meet.

On top of the boom mic, Joby wants the headset to fit comfortably in your ear, so the company is offering interchangeable earpieces, a pivoting ear bud, and an optional ear loop to keep it in place.

Lastly, the battery life is being talked up, with the company promising ten hours of talk time and 200 hours of standby. That should mean you won't have to charge it too often, though when you do it recharges via USB.

The Zivio Boom Bluetooth headset will cost between £80 to £100, and is currently in production in the UK, so it should be with us within a couple of months.