What started off as a mere April Fool has become a reality, thanks to one iPhone app developer who clearly reads Pocket-lint.

This year's Pocket-lint April Fools story centred around the hoax of a BlackBerry and iPhone application called Txt 'n' Walk, that allowed the camera on the back of the phone to show you the pavement in front of you when accessing email or the web.

Realising this was one idea that was just too good not to be true, Phase2 Media has designed, created, and made available Email 'n' Walk, an app that lets you use your camera to see what's going on while you email.

Users who download the free app (limited time offer supposedly) will then be able to see what they are doing while they email their friends.

The app comes with a warning, elevating our fears of a lamppost collision, recommending you don't walk into traffic, cliffs, or gunfights while emailing.

Phase2 Media, feel free to send us a royalties cheque in the post to the company address on our feedback form.

In a recent poll on Pocket-lint, 56% of people said that they checked their mobile phone whilst walking around.