GPS software company CoPilot, which makes satnav applications for a whole range of handsets, has announced a "high definition" version of its latest mobile phone software - CoPilot Live 7.

CoPilot Live 7 HD Edition is designed to work with touchscreen smartphones that have high-resolution WVGA screens, like the Samsung Omnia, Sony Ericsson Xperia X1 and HTC Touch HD.

CoPilot Live 7 offers full turn-by-turn satellite navigation on mobile phones, with 7-digit UK postcode entry, voice guidance and automatic route calculation.

The HD version pumps up the graphics, leading to the claim that a phone running the software in landscape orientation will look just as good as a high-end dedicated satnav device.

The software also includes a location sharing service, where people can follow you on a website as you move around, sending you messages over your handset's 3G connection.

The software is for Windows Mobile handsets, and costs £65. An optional real-time traffic info subscription is also available.