With Palm yet to set a date for the launch of the much awaited Palm Pre in the US, the latest rumour surfacing on the Internet is that customers keen to get the new "iPhone Challenger" will be able to get their hands on the device from the 7 June.

According to mobile phone website Boygeniusreport, US retailer Best Buy will be getting its hands on "a limited inventory of Pre handsets for a trial launch on June 7th."

When they say limited they mean it, Best Buy is reportedly getting just 4500 units meaning if evenly distributed over the company's stores there will only be 7 each for the 599 stores across the country.

Although Boygeniusreport fails to offer a source, merely suggesting it's one of their "ninjas", the same source also claims that pricing will be $199 for a 2-year contract for new Sprint customers, $299.99 for customer upgrades and a whopping $999.99 contract free.

Palm has yet to set the date in the UK, only citing the second half of 2009.