The Palm Pre isn't even out yet, but that hasn't stopped rumours of a second Palm handset leaking out on Thursday.

First, the rumour was that Palm would be announcing a new mobile phone after the Palm Pre later in the year dubbed the Mini Pre, then a blurry pic surfaced, now if rumours are to be believed, the name, and spec sheet have been leaked out too.

Working like a football team to get the ball up the pitch and in the back of the net, journalists from TechCrunch, Boy Genius Report and Engadget have managed to eek out that the company will launch a new handset later in the year called the Palm Eos.

Rather than US mobile phone operator sprint hording all the webOS handsets, the rumour suggests that US operator AT&T will get the phone in America.

The news, if true, is likely to suggest a similar move in the UK with one operator getting the Palm Pre and another getting the Palm Eos.

The accompanying leaked picture suggests a Palm Treo Pro-styled handset with a QWERTY keyboard under the screen.

According to leaked specs the new handset will feature 4GB of on-board storage, come with a 2-megapixel camera, feature A-GPS, Bluetooth and video playback support for MPEG4, H.264 and H.263.

Palm said at the Palm Pre press conference at CES in Las Vegas, that it planned for the webOS operating system to be a platform rather than a one off. If the rumours are true it seems they are gung ho in making the platform a reality sooner rather than later.