In the UK, T-Mobile has finally officially confirmed that its Android-based G1 will be getting the Cupcake, or 1.5, update in May.

In addition, the operator has revealed that sales of the device are "set to reach" 100,000 units in the first 6 months - and that it has another Android-based device up its sleeve for this summer.

T-Mobile says sales of the G1 have "outstripped" all other T-Mobile handsets with sales now "rapidly approaching" the 100,000 milestone.

T-Mobile is issuing the Cupcake update over the air. As many owners eager to get the update will already know, among other things, Cupcake will bring a full touchscreen keyboard and video capture with the phone's camera.

The update is "live" now, and will be a phased roll-out, so the May timescale quoted is when all G1 owners should get the refresh by, but presumably could be from now on.

Finally, there's no details on the other coming-soon T-Mo Android phone - other than an exec saying: "We're looking forward to launching another groundbreaking phone on Android later this year".