Dial-a-Phone has unveiled a new handset, codenamed the 100-F, from Latvian manufacturer, Lirpa.

The phone design has been inspired by the global credit crunch and works as either a coin-operated or credit/debit card mobile.

The UK variant will have a £1 coin slot for calls and a 10p slot for texts as well as a credit/debit card slot (for which you'll need to enter your PIN).

Said to weigh around 400 grams when full of coins, it's not pocket-friendly from a bulk point of view, but will help UK consumers realise the actual cost of the calls and texts they make.

Users will have no access to the coin box and will have to take the phone to one of their network provider's shops to have it emptied, effectively then paying for their calls and texts.

None of the UK networks have committed to offering the 100-F yet, but there's more info on the phone on Dial-a-Phone's site via the link below.