A new mobile phone application has launched that promises to let you see where you are going while you are looking at your phone.

Called TXT'N'WALK the application, which is available on the iPhone, Blackberry, S60 and Android operating systems will use the camera found on the back of your phone to show you the pavement in front of you while you access your email or the web on your phone.

"We found that lots of people look at their phones while they are walking", said a spokesman for the company Looflirpa who makes the app. "This way you can do so without the fear of walking into someone - or a lamppost".

The app, which will be available by the end of the week from the relevant platform's download stores will cost £2.99 in the UK and $4.99 in the US.

The need for the TXT'N'WALK app is clearly answering an as-yet untapped demand. In a recent poll on Pocket-lint, 56% of people said that they checked their mobile phone whilst walking around.