Developers "poking around" in the iPhone 3.0 OS SDK have found what's thought to be references to forthcoming products from Apple.

Educated guesses from those in the know suggest the references point to new iPhone and iPod touch models, as well as more hardware that can't yet be explained.

BGR's Apple "ninja" explains: "Apple normally makes their device IDs in chronological order, from first released to last released". Existing model's device IDs read as follows:

iPhone First Gen - 0x1290
iPod touch 1G - 0x1291
iPhone 3G - 0x1292
iPod touch 2G - 0x1293

The new code contains the following:

iPhone2,1 - 0x1294
iProd0,1 - 0x1295
iPod2,2 - 0x1296
iPhone3,1 - 0x1297
iFPGA - 0x1298
iPod3,1 - 0x1299

If the logic follows, then it suggests there will be multiple new iPhones and multiple new iPod touches incoming, widely rumoured for a June launch as well as an "iProd" and "iFPGA" - whatever they might be.