T-Mobile has launched Instant Email, a new way for customers to access email directly from their mobile phone.

The service will cost £3.50 a month, and will see personal emails being delivered straight to your phone, with no need to log on to the Internet or into your email account.

It will also allow for complete access to up to five email accounts for the one fee, with no extra charges if you exceed the fair use policy.

The service can even back up and update phone numbers, email addresses and your calendar to your phone.

To mark the launch, customers can trial the service free of charge for a month and then move on to a rolling monthly plan, without a long term contract.

Richard Warmsley, head of internet and entertainment at T-Mobile, said: "Mobile email is nothing new for business customers, but we think everyone should have easy access to their inbox on the phone of their choice".

"For only £3.50 a month Instant Email allows people to see emails as they arrive without the hassle of logging on or going online".