Emoze is using the Mobile World Congress event to promote its service that pushes Windows Live Hotmail to your mobile device.

Said to be simple, once users have downloaded Emoze to their mobile, they will get mobile access to Windows Live Hotmail, other web-based accounts and social media, such as Facebook, on the one device.

Available for smartphones and "simple" phones Emoze is said to "mimic" the look and feel of Windows Live Hotmail experience.

"We are determined to push forward and continuously expand Emoze's mass-market messaging uptake", said Eitan Linker, Emoze CEO.

"Our solution is a win-win for handset vendors, operators and end users alike. The addition of Windows Live Hotmail proves once again that Emoze is not just a technology, but a lifestyle!"

Those interested in the "affordable" service can visit www.emoze.com for more info.