Modu, the modular mobile phone, showed off a range of final and concept jackets for their funky mobile, which is soon to become available. Modu also announced that they have partnered with JBL to create a speaker jacket.

The Modu slips into the jackets to change the feature set available, meaning you have one Modu, but many different phones. The JBL speaker set gives you two JBL Odyssey speakers to bang out tunes from your mobile, whilst also offering regular speakerphone functions.

Giving a nod to the variety of different situations faced by mobile phone users, we particularly like the bike concept, so you can cycle and have your phone mounted on the handlebars. Jump in the car and your Modu will become your handsfree navigation device, whilst back at home you could slap it into the picture frame, view your photos and, well, call your mum.

The Modu system will be launched in Asian and Latin American territories in 2009, before hitting other zones, including the UK in 2010.