Truphone has announced that it plans to launch Truphone Local Anywhere - a single-SIM, multi-country mobile service that will make any mobile call within the set of supported countries into a local call.

Due to be available later this year, it's being described as the world's first true commercial multi-country mobile service, delivering low rates and therefore eliminating the need to maintain separate phones, switch between multiple SIMs or incur expensive roaming charges.

The new service will also provide savings to people calling Truphone Local Anywhere customers as well as costing the same as a local call.

With number portability of existing mobile and landline numbers to Truphone, the company also promises "competitive rates" on domestic calls, SMS, and data in a user's home country.

"Until now, the only way to avoid the massive cost of mobile roaming is to carry multiple phones and multiple SIM cards, one for each country you frequent", says Truphone CEO Geraldine Wilson.

"This means juggling multiple devices and phone numbers to avoid paying the high roaming rates traditionally associated with travel.

The first implementations of Truphone Local Anywhere will be available in the second half of 2009.