Altec Lansing has unveiled new portable audio products at the 2009 Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.

First up is the inMotion MAX, a wireless audio docking station that provides a portable all-in-one speaker system for iPhone and iPod users, as well as a number of other MP3 players.

The inMotion MAX is described as "ultra-lightweight" with a bold design and features built-in FM radio aswell.

Secondly, Altec Lansing unveiled its new stereo bluetooth headphone and headset range featuring OpenMic Technology.

As the company's first wearable stereo Bluetooth products, the Backbeat Series is made up of the Backbeat 903 and the Backbeat 906.

The former is a lightweight, "flexible" wireless headset, while the latter is a wireless headphone, and comes with an additional Bluetooth adapter to stream music from your MP3 player.

Both are also equipped with OpenMic, a new technology that allows users to "open" the microphone audio and hear their surroundings at the touch of a button.

Pricing and availability are all yet to be announced.