Palm's CEO Ed Colligan has said that the company will not be releasing any more devices that use the company's current Palm operating system.

Talking at the Thomas Weisel Partners Technology & Telecom conference, Colligan said the company is looking to the future by concentrating on launching products like the Palm Pre with its new webOS operating system announced at CES in Las Vegas earlier in the year.

"There will be no more Palm OS based products. We will transition to webOS products, as well as, Windows Mobile devices for the Enterprise market", Colligan said.

The CEO also confirmed that the webOS operating system will be used for other handsets in the future, however that consumers shouldn't expect to see hundreds of handsets, but rather a small handful over the coming years:

"We want to create a product line, but I think we are also very focused on less is more making, lets make fewer really breakthrough products that make people really go wow".

Colligan also used the interview to clear up rumours concerning Apple's multi-touch patent (it's all fine and dandy supposedly) and confirmed that the device would be coming to Europe later this year.