A phone that allows you to change its case to better suit your needs has edged a step closer to becoming a reality on Wednesday.

Called Modu, the concept of this transforming phone is that you have core mobile phone elements that you then plug into a range of jackets. Those jackets are suited to different tasks like watching video, listening to music, or writing emails.

The company, which until now has been in concept stage, has unveiled the final design of the handset and the announcement of a range of jackets to get you started.

The company says the new modu jackets will be commercially available to consumers around the world at the beginning of the second quarter of this year, although unfortunately the UK and US won't be seeing any action directly until 2010.

The mid-price ranged handset (around £100 we are told) will offer 2.5G connectivity, will feature its own embedded operating system, music player and a mass storage device containing 2GB of internal memory.

"We would love to launch in the UK, but feel that until we have a 3G offering the UK wouldn't want to embrace it", CEO and founder, Dov Moran, told Pocket-lint.

Jackets available at launch will be the modu night jacket that includes flashing lights, the modu street jacket that features stereo speakers and dedicated music keys, the classic that is designed to fit the "everyday needs" of mobile phone users and the modu express jacket that comes in a range of colours.

The company says that they have plenty more jackets planned with an announcement of a "big" partner at Mobile World Congress.

Pocket-lint will be at the show in Barcelona, so stay tuned for more news, pictures and video of all the big announcements as they happen.