Better Energy Systems has announced the Solio Mono, a multi-device charger set to be unveiled at the Mobile World Congress 2009 next week.

Designed for times when you're in the middle of nowhere with no battery charge left on your phone, the Solio Mono is described as a "compact, expandable, and immediate solution" for charging a whole host of portable devices.

1 hour of charge time of the Solio Mono will deliver 10 minutes of talk time in most entry-level mobile phones.

Combining a single solar panel with a lithium-ion battery, you can charge the Solio Mono in a number of ways. This includes via the sun (although you may have to wait a few months for that), a computer's USB port or a wall socket.

Once fully-charged, the Solio Mono will hold the power for up to a year and will be able to fully charge a mobile phone at least once before needing to be recharged.

Coming later in the year will be Solar Expander cells, add on units compatible with the Solio Mono that will be able to halve the charging time needed.

The Mono charger works with over 500 handheld devices straight out of the box, and has a battery life of more than 1000 charges.

The Solio Mono will sell for €49.95 (£44) from Solio's website when it is released. There are no details given as to when this will be, but we'd expect to hear more news from the MWC next week.