If you’ve even been stuck in one of those "I have to look that up later" moments, where you just wished you could send yourself an email as a reminder, then you’ll appreciate Jotterbot.

An entirely free service (apart from the cost of a normal SMS message), Jotterbot comes from the people behind Zygo, the company that specialises in group texting services.

All you have to do is head over to the site, register your phone and your email, go through the normal confirmation process (to prove you are not spamming someone else...) and hey presto, you can SMS yourself an email.

So if your phone doesn’t have email, or you don’t have a data package, then head over to the website, stick Jotterbot in your address book and you’ll always know you can email yourself whilst out and about.

Or you could use a pen and paper, but what fun is that?