Sling Media has announced an update to its SlingPlayer Windows Mobile software on Wednesday that promises to open up the software to more mobile phones.

Although it appears not to be the full blown update SlingPlayer fans were hoping for, the new software update adds new devices and new resolutions to the mix.

New devices here in the UK include the Sony Ericsson Xperia X1, the Palm Treo Pro, the HP iPAQ 910, The Samsung i907, and the HTC Touch Pro while American Windows Mobile users will now be able to use SlingPlayer on the Sprint Treo 800w, Sony Ericsson X1, Palm Treo Pro, Sprint HTC Touch Diamond, Sprint HTC Touch Pro, Verizon HTC Touch Pro, Verizon Samsung Saga, Verizon Samsung Omnia, AT&T LG Incite, AT&T HTC Fuze, AT&T Samsung Epix, HP iPAQ 910, AT&T Pantech Duo, Sprint Samsung ACE, and Verizon XV6900.

The new software will reportedly now allow you to perform major/minor tuning and offer resolution support for devices with screen resolutions of 800 x 480, 640 x 480, 400 x 240, and 320 x 320.

Sling Media in the UK couldn't confirm whether more UK handsets will be added, however a spokesperson said more information about the update in the UK would be available after Christmas.