"Present Meltdown" happens at 11.48am on Christmas Day, according to info from the TechGuys.

This Meltdown point is apparently when people get so frustrated with trying to get their complicated new gadgets to work that they give up all together.

TechGuys has analysed calls to its telephone support service, TechFriend, on Christmas Day last year to discover that calls for help with gadgets peaked between 11.40am and 11.56am on Christmas Day, with the largest number of calls received at 11.48am.

Tim Fairs, at the TechGuys says: "Our TechFriend service is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week and last Christmas we noticed a massive surge in calls in the run up to midday - we don’t want any gifts to go unused this Christmas so if you’re having problems with new technology our website and our TechFriend phone line should be able to help".

The TechGuys offer easy-to-understand product guides that cover topics such as setting up a new TV, installing Freesat or Freeview boxes, setting up a wireless router, etc, etc.

The guides can be downloaded from the TechGuys support website, which also has info on yearly subscriptions to the TechFriend service that gives 24/7 phone support.