Mobile phones are becoming increasingly web-enabled with more full-featured services than the older WAP style browsing would allow. Because of this, owners are consuming more content on the go.

We were interested to see whether Pocket-lint readers accessed news on their mobile phones, so in the most recent Pocket-lint reader poll we asked, "Do you check the news on your mobile phone?"

The results are now in and it seems 46% of our readership do check the news on their mobiles while the majority, at 54%, don't.

The BBC recently carried out a study into the habits of the modern news consumer and found the results "increasingly eclectic and multiplatform".

The Beeb's research showed that as far as news on mobiles goes, people typically use them for headlines and major stories.

Pocket-lint recently launched a new mobile version of the site, found at, that will offer you a cut-down version of Pocket-lint perfect for that headlining checking activity.