Vodafone has released a software update for the BlackBerry Storm in an attempt to improve software issues some customers have been having.

Although leaked versions have been floating around the web for some time, this is the first official update that has been released.

Currently available on Vodafone.de, the 103MB OS update will take the software revision to version from the shipped version.

It is not clear however whether or not UK customers will be OK to download the update.

The update is expected to improve accelerometer lag, touchscreen accuracy and a problem some users are experiencing with the microphone cutting out randomly within calls.

We have contacted Vodafone in the UK and are awaiting both whether or not it is good for UK customers to download from the Germany site and if not, when the update will be offered here in the UK.

By the look of the download page, the software update will need a PC to run the software as it is an .EXE file.

We will keep you posted.

UPDATE: Vodafone UK has got in touch with Pocket-lint to say that the German version is multilingual meaning you can download it without fear of turning your handset German.

Additionally a spokesman for the UK arm of the company has said that it expects the download to be available on the UK site shortly with an Over The Air download available next week for those not interested in downloading it via their PC.

If you've downloaded the software update we would love to hear your experience in the comments below.