Following the news yesterday that T-Mobile would alter the price plans for those early adopters who forked out for minimum £40 a month contracts for the G1, it seems T-Mobile is not keeping its promise.

T-Mobile price cuts for the Android-based G1 mobile phone angered early adopters, as the phone is now offered from free on £30 a month tariffs.

When we questioned T-Mobile about this, a spokesperson has informed Pocket-lint that unhappy early adopters should get in touch:

"If there are customers who bought the device before the price changes and feel that they had to opt for a higher price plan in order to get the T-Mobile G1 for free, they should contact our customer services, who can alter their price plan for them".

It seems that Pocket-lint readers are trying to do just that, but, in the words of one reader, "no joy".

"Just tried to get them to drop my price plan, no joy, got told I had to stay on the 40 pounds a month one", reports Dave, while R McKee states: "Me too - T Mobile retention described the quote in the story as a 'lie' to me".

Pocket-lint has got back in touch with T-Mobile and will update this story when we have more information on this unsatisfactory situation.

UPDATE: T-Mobile now says that affected customers should be getting refunded in the form of a credit on their account. Anyone has found this not the case is welcome to get in touch with Pocket-lint via the "contact us" page and we will forward your details direct to T-Mobile.