Sagem Orga has announced that it has developed a SIM card that offers built-in AGPS capabilities.

With the claim that it will offer affordable, accurate positioning technology, Sagem Orga - in partnership with BlueSky positioning - says the card is aimed at those who don't have GPS-enabled mobile phones.

Apparently a world first, the companies will sell the cards to mobile phone operators who may want to offer location-based services to their customers.

François Blanchard, global account marketing manager at Sagem Orga, said: "The SIM is entering a new era where it can now be considered as a real service platform and a valuable device; the A-GPS enabled SIM card will reshape the way SIM card are perceived by MNOs and end-users".

The card contains a "highly accurate" GPS receiver and a proprietary antenna actually in the SIM card, that will work with most mobile handsets, with no need for software or hardware changes.