TalkTalk has launched myTalkTalk, a new product that lets customers only pay for the features they want.

Available from now, myTalkTalk "tears up the idea of a one-size-fits-all package" and instead lets customers build their own home phone and broadband service - so it’s custom-made for them.

Apparently it's being launched as a direct response to customer research which showed that a credit-crunch conscious 94% don’t want to pay for bits of their broadband and calls package they don’t use, and a further 65% would like to be able to handpick their own bespoke package.

As well as core phone and broadband packages, myTalkTalk offers "Boost" product add-ons that customers can chose to upgrade their service. With the Boosts taken into account, customers have 721 different product combinations to choose from at any one time.

More information can be had in store at Carphone Warehouse or via