Here's a good rumour for the end of the day - US senators could soon be deciding the future of the American people by making calls on none other than the Apple iPhone.

OK, so it could just be Apple propaganda, but here' the scoop.

The iPhone is currently under test by the House Chief Administrative Office to see if they are "suitable" for use by members and their staff.

Says Cult of Mac: "RIM’s Blackberry handhelds have been the communicator of choice in Washington since 2001 and today nearly 8,200 rely on a dedicated Blackberry exchange server to deliver email to people affiliated with the House of Representatives".

But the senators are ready for a change, says Jeff Ventura, a spokesman for the CAO: "We’re trying [iPhones] out … because we heard a lot of people wanted the option to have them".

Let's hope Senator John McCain isn't amongst them because that would definitely not make the iPhone cool anymore.