A new tool that allows phone users to tag places and people "in real time" has launched for Symbian mobile phones.

"After years of repeatedly asking friends for pub and restaurant recommendations, sharing opinions about our own favourite places, and trying to easily locate nearby friends, we were inspired to develop Tagggit", explains Loughlin Spollen, co-founder of Tagggit.

"By creating a space where people can geotag places and read reviews, find friends, discover people with similar interests, Tagggit brings online social networks into the real world."

Tagggit settings allow the tagger to share these locations/images with other users or to just keep the tag as a personal reference.

The service is free and is available today.

The company which provided the location tech for Tagggit is Skyhook Wireless, whose first tool was the XPS system, which is said to "provide an instant location and is more accurate than current technologies in congested downtown areas".