Swedish outfit Scalado reckons it has a new imaging technology that could revolutionise the standard of the cameras you get in mobile phones.

The company worked with Texas Instruments and OmniVision, who builds sensors, to deliver what it claims is "a truly unique camera user experience".

So what's different?

The new tech combines the Scalado SpeedTags and Scalado Camera Engine with OmniVision's smart camera sensor, and makes it easier for phones to manage the large files produced by high-resolution images as well as improving overall JPEG image handling performance.

For the phone owner this means 20fps instant full-resolution image handling, as well as zero shutter lag, burst-mode image capture, and instant zoom/pan at the moment the image is captured - features you only usually get in high-end cameras.

"This new imaging technology is a significant step towards achieving advanced DSC performance on a camera phone, and we are delighted that Symbian is the platform of choice for this achievement", claims Tony Newpower, director of OS product management at Symbian, which is going to include the imaging tech in future versions of its OS.

When we hear anything new about this, we'll let you know.