VNC is a software package that allows one computer to take full control of another, regardless of operating system or location.

And now the company has redesigned it to also work with mobile devices from Symbian phones to PDAs to the Apple iPhone, covering the Windows Mobile, Linux and BlackBerry platforms (with more to come).

Much like Orange's Device Management tool, it will basically allow users to control a PC from a mobile device, as well as letting someone at a computer control and manage any number of mobile devices, anywhere in the world.

Dr Andy Harter, CEO at RealVNC explains: "IT departments and third-party support agencies are facing the challenge of managing the growing cloud of mobile devices that are appearing within corporate networks".

"With VNC, system administrators will be able to take control of a mobile device anywhere in the world, remotely configure or troubleshoot a problem, and offer remote assistance and training on how to use the device and its applications."

"Remote control of mobiles is also of great interest to network operators, who currently have few effective tools to support customers with handset problems.”

A beta program is to be launched in the coming weeks and products are due early 2009.