T-Mobile is hoping to power your home network with the launch of a new wireless networking device powered by your mobile broadband dongle.

Called the Mobile Broadband Share Dock the device, which will come bundled with a standard T-Mobile mobile broadband dongle, will allow you to set-up a wireless network anywhere you can find a power socket to share with colleagues or friends.

The dock is recommended for three users at a time and will give you full networking functions like sharing folders once you've gone through a quick setup wizard.

Unlike the dongle, you will need a power point to run the device and the bad news for non T-Mobile users is that it will be SIM locked for T-Mobile customers only.

Launching in the next couple of days, the Mobile Broadband Share Dock will cost £20 a month on an 18-month contract, however you will get the dongle in that price.

A T-Mobile spokesperson told Pocket-lint that current T-Mobile mobile broadband customers will be able to get it at varying prices (you need to phone the T-Mobile loyalty helpline) depending on their current contract.