Coming soon (though we can't tell you when) is the Sling Catcher from SlingMedia.

SlingMedia has made a name for itself with devices that let you send content from your TV to your PC or Mac, and a whole host of mobile phones from Symbian devices through to BlackBerrys.

But now it has launched the Sling Catcher - which does the reverse - it sends content from your computer or a hard drive to your TV.

It comprises three different technologies.

First up is the SlingProjector, which allows you to "project" content from your computer to your TV - so downloaded movies (apart from if they are in DivX format), photo slideshows, or even iPlayer content.

It uses decoding and encoding technology that ensures that you get a decent picture.

Next up is the SlingSync, which allows you to sync files using your network connection and store them on a third party USB flash drive or hard drive.

And last up, you can use the Sling Catcher in conjunction with a Slingbox on a LAN or WAN connection allowing you to "sling" content from one TV in one room to another. And if you use the upcoming Slingbox PRO-HD - this could include HD content.

The Sling Catcher comes with a remote control too for navigating around content from wherever you are.

We haven't got a price as yet nor a UK release date, but watch this space as we promise we'll have these details soon.