Ahead of the T-Mobile announcement that will see the launch of the hardware, Amazon.com has announced that the Amazon MP3 music store will be pre-loaded on the Android-based T-Mobile G1, but only in the States.

T-Mobile G1 users will be able to search, download, buy and play music from Amazon MP3, which offers over 6 million DRM-free MP3 songs from all four major music labels and thousands of independent labels.

The T-Mobile G1 will come pre-loaded with an Amazon MP3 application, giving customers a phone-optimised version of the Amazon MP3 store.

"Amazon wants to make it easy for customers to discover, buy, and play their music wherever they happen to be - whether sitting at their computer or on the go", said Bill Carr, Amazon.com vice president for digital music and video.

"We look forward to the release of the T-Mobile G1, which will put Amazon MP3's vast selection of low-priced DRM-free music at the fingertips of even more customers in more places."

Only currently available in the States, Amazon MP3's 100 bestselling songs are 89 cents, with the 100 bestselling albums at $8.99 or less and most albums are priced from $5.99 to $9.99.