It launched briefly on Tuesday, but on Wednesday it became officially official. Palm has announced a new smartphone it hopes will take on the iPhone and the BlackBerrys of this world.

Very much as rumoured, the new handset will be called the Palm Treo Pro, come with Windows Mobile 6.1 support and offer a QWERTY keyboard,Wi-Fi, GPS and a host of other features for business folk on the move.

The Treo Pro, which will be available from Vodafone and O2 in the UK, will also be available in an unlocked version in the United States, Europe and Asia Pacific, Palm has said.

Other features include a touchscreen, voicemail indicator that flashes when you have mail, a ringer switch to silence calls immediately and dedicated email and calendar buttons.

An unlocked version will also be available through the Palm online store for £399.

The Treo Pro smartphone comes with an international power charger, Micro-USB cable and a stereo headset (3.5mm).