Palm has official released and officially pulled details of its latest smartphone the Palm Treo Pro this morning confusing journalists and consumers alike as to how and when they should expect to see the new smartphone commercially available in the US and the UK.

In what has to be a PR bungle too far, Palm this morning sent out press photos, a video and details of its new handset only to pull them hours later.

"Palm has unveiled a new mobile device, the Treo Pro smartphone. The new phone features a one-touch Wi-Fi button, GPS, Windows Mobile 6.1, and a high-resolution flush color touch screen. Available video includes the Treo Pro smartphone and Palm headquarters", said the email announcement sent out to journalists via the press wire service first thing.

Some sites, quick off the mark, managed to grab the images available before all information was pulled.

The only question, on everyone's lips now, is when Palm plans to officially officially announce the new handset.

We will keep you posted.