Worldwide sales of mobile phones will reach 1.28 billion units in 2008, an 11% increase from last year, according to Gartner. In 2007, worldwide mobile phone sales reached 1.15 billion units.

Worldwide mobile phone sales in the first quarter of 2008 reached 294.3 million, and Gartner expects sales in the second quarter of 2008 to be between 300 million and 305 million units.

“For the second half of the year, we expect sales in the third quarter to be more than the second quarter results, but only moderately as both Motorola and LG issued warnings for a sequential drop in sales, as well as an economic environment that remains challenging" said Carolina Milanesi, research director for mobile devices at Gartner, based in Egham, UK.

“All the hopes for mobile phone manufacturers for the overall year-end growth results rest on the final quarter of the year when most new products will be introduced to the market and the normal seasonality will help boost sales.”