More and more of us are using our mobile phones to surf the web whilst we're on the go.

A new survey by Nielsen Mobile has revealed that the mobile web has now reached its "critical mass" of users - which means, essentially, it's about to explode.

The US is the mosy tech savvy of nations with nearly 40 million Americans - 16% of all US mobile users - using their handsets to surf on the go.

This number has increased from 22.4 million in 2006.

Of the 16 countries surveyed, in second place came the UK, followed by Italy.

Indonesia has the lowest take-up with just 1.1% of mobile subscribers using their handsets for browsing the Internet.

The team says that higher speed networks and unlimited data packages have both contributed to this increasing popularity.

However, the survey also found that there are plenty of people out there who have access to internet services on their phones, but don't use them.

Around 95 million Americans, for example, are paying for mobile web access but not using it.

"The mobile internet is often included as part of a larger mobile media package", the report said.

"Users may be either unaware or disinterested in the internet access that is provided."

But not so of iPhone owners in particular of which 82 access the mobile internet, "making them five times as likely to do so as the average mobile consumer".

But it is the Motorola RAZR that the most popular device for web browsing in the States, and the Nokia N95 in Europe.

Nokia handsets are also the most popular in China, India and Russia.