Rogers, the official iPhone operator-partner in Canada, has made a last-minute u-turn on data plans for the device, after mass consumer protest at the proposed high charges.

Rogers' plans include a mandatory 3-year contract with roughly a third less included calling time than other international operator's plans, half as many text messages, and low limits on data.

A petition was begun online at with the intention to get 10,000 e-signatures by 11 July, the date when the iPhone 3G goes on sale, but the site has collected over 56,000.

Obviously Rogers has taken note - although no doubt not as much as Canadian consumers would hope - as it has issued a press release announcing a last minute special promotional offer.

From 11 July, and as a limited time promotional offer for customers who activate by 31 August on a 3-year contract, a data-only offering of 6GB of data for $30 per month is being made available that can be added to any voice plan.

This compares to original data plans for the iPhone which offered only 2GB of data on the most expensive $115 a month.

This follows the news that Canadian Apple retail stores won't be selling the phones, news apparently revealed by Apple representatives during a private conference call earlier this week, a decision said to be due to Steve Jobs' disgust at the "greed" of the phone company.