Although it has marked the start of the pre-order process for the iPhone 3G, today could be seen as a disappointing one for iPhone fans in Britain.

Carphone Warehouse revealed earlier that the iPhone 3G will not be available on the promised Pay & Go basis until nearer Christmas, and now both Carphone and O2 has said they will have no stocks of the white iPhone for Friday's launch.

The white iPhone, only available in the larger 16GB capacity, marks the first time the Apple mobile will be available in anything other than black, with the iPod-white appealing to core Apple fans.

O2 says only the black 16GB iPhone will be available at launch with the white model "coming later" while Carphone Warehouse has informed us "that the white 16GB model won’t be available at launch".

This follows rumours that this would be the case, as Apple apparently felt the UK market was undeserving, considering how many of us have unlocked our first-gen iPhones.

UPDATE: Reports are filtering in that Apple retail stories in the UK are stocking the white model. So if you particularly want white, and you're a new iPhone customer, then you know where to go.