Mobyko, Zygo and Texperts have come together to create what they are calling the ultimate festival survival kit for your mobile.

The free kit ensures your festival pics and contacts from your mobile phone are stored safely in an online locker in the case of theft or loss.

It also includes access to a group texting account to organise crowds when orientating around the festival grounds, and a question answering service, which is run by Texperts.

Julian Saunders, CEO of Mobyko explains how the idea came about: "I met a guy last year at Glastonbury who lost his mobile phone during one of the sets".

"He was absolutely gutted, mostly because he’d lost all his contacts and festival snaps. It’s the last thing you want to be worrying about when all you should be doing is listening to your favourite band."

You can sign up at the new Mobile Survival Kit website now.