The exact details of Rogers' tariffs for the iPhone 3G, revealed late last week, have been met by disgust by Canadian consumers.

Rogers, Canada's largest mobile carrier, is the exclusive iPhone operator in the country meaning if Canadians want to "legally" use the iPhone 3G they need to go through the carrier to do so.

Rogers' monthly plans have been described as so high, it's as if "they’re deliberately driving customers away", one disgruntled would-be owner commented.

Rogers' plans include a mandatory 3-year contract with roughly a third less included calling time than other operator's plans, half as many text messages, and low limits on data.

Compared with tariffs in the US and the UK, Canadians are complaining that the charges are too high, and a petition has begun online at with the intention to get 10,000 e-signatures by 11 July, the date when the iPhone 3G goes on sale in Canada.

Currently, more than 16,000 have put thier name to the e-petition, that is accompanied by an open letter to Steve Jobs that reads:

"Rogers Communications Inc. has announced VERY unfair rates in comparison to AT&T in the United States and to other authorized wireless service providers around the world..."

"I hope you can do something Steve; we are loyal customers and trust that you will. We don't want to lose faith in Apple."