Mobile phones are being in the EU homes over fixed lines.

A survey has revealed that 25% of us within the European Union will use our mobile phones even when at home instead of landlines.

And a fifth of us are now making calls over the Internet.

The European Commission's survey of 27,000 homes found that the figure of mobile users in the 10 ex-communist states was even higher at 39%.

This is because the cost of upgrading the old fixed line networks has been deemed to be too expensive in some countries whereas mobile calls can be kept low because of increased competition from different telecoms companies.

The highest figure was 61% and that was Finland, the home of Nokia no less.

However, the EU has used the survey results to hit out at mobile phone companies and roaming charges, which they say are restricting Europeans from using their mobile phones when they travel between countries.

EU Telecoms Commissioner Viviane Reding said: "For the one last time, I call on mobile operators to react to my request of February to voluntarily but clearly bring down mobile roaming charges for text messages and other data by 01 July".