In the States it has been revealed that Chrysler will soon be putting 3G wireless routers in its vehicles – turning its cars, trucks and SUVs into roaming mobile hotspots.

To launch in vehicles as the "UConnect" web service, it'll be available as an optional extra on all its 2009 model year vehicles.

The UConnect web device will be "hidden" within the car and will work only with the key in the ignition so your bandwidth is not nicked by freeloaders.

Chrysler says it will operate on the 3G network and will allow download speeds between 600 and 800 kilobits per second, with upload speeds of 200Kbps.

The Detroit-based manufacturer has not yet disclosed price or subscriptions terms, but said there would likely be "some type of subscription fee" attached, as well as an initial cost for the option.

Highway safety advocates are already up in arms about the option, although obviously Chrysler says the service is only meant to be used by passengers, or when parked.