T-Mobile has announced it has added social networking sites Bebo and Piczo to T-Mobile's My Social Sites service.

The company says this means UK users can now stay in touch with their favourite social networking sites with just one click and upload pictures from their mobile phone direct to the sites.

Pauline Lunn, who incidentally wins the best job title of the day award with "head of beyond voice new proposition development" at T-Mobile said: “More than 800 million people are predicted to use social networks via a mobile phone by 2012".

"Our customers have told us that they want to stay in touch with their social networks, wherever they are and My Social Sites allows exactly that. By adding Bebo and Piczo to the service we’ve added two of the industry's most popular sites."

My Social Sites is a mobile application that allows users to manage direct from their mobile phone and sends messages to the user's phone letting them know about updates and changes.

Charges are 5p to post a comment, send a message or accept a friend request or 20p to add a photo. Users can also search for friends, browse profiles and check out photos for 20p for 24 hour access.

The My Social Sites application can be downloaded, free of charge, by texting SOCIAL to 49014 from compatible mobile phones.