Consumers in the UK are showing high levels of interest in the iPhone 3G, which bodes well for O2, the exclusive partner operator for the device.

More than 130,000 people have pre-registered their interest in the phone on O2's website since the phone was launched a week and a half ago.

In comparison, only 35,000 people did the same for the launch of the 2G, first-gen version that went on sale in the UK in November last year, although this time round the 130,000 does include existing customers and iPhone owners.

As well as the addition of 3G connectivity and GPS, the iPhone 3G will be a lot cheaper than the original and will be offered free on some tariffs.

In related news, Morgan Stanley has raised its price target on Apple shares on the basis of the expectation that iPhone unit sales will double in 2009 at the new $199 price point.

Morgan Stanley predicts that 27 million iPhones will be sold worldwide in 2009 with an average revenue of $550 per unit.