Cell-Savers has introduced the Magi-Privacy Screen, describing it as "a new defence for screen privacy of digital devices".

The Magi-Privacy Screen is a one-size-fits-all film that makes your mobile's screen appear black to onlookers trying to view your phone at more than a 30 degree angle, without affecting your straight-on viewing.

The sales angle is that shoulder surfing is not just annoying but can endanger your privacy with identity theft, industrial espionage or even stalking a risk.

The film is offered on a cut to size basis with it fitting all screens up to 4.5-inches and it's suitable for use with touchscreens too.

The screen can be applied without adhesives and is residue-free when removed. It also comes with instructions, a bubble-removing card and polishing cloth.

Available now, including P and P, the Magi-Privacy Screen will cost you just under a tenner.