Hop-on, the makers of the $10 "disposable" mobile has announced that it will introduce six new low cost phones for distribution worldwide.

Hop-on's new HOP1800 Series phones will range from a $125 PDA phone to the world's lowest cost phone that's sold for $10 in the States - with a £10 price tag in the UK.

The new models include the HOP1801 smartphone, "the lowest cost smartphone on the market", the HOP1803 is an ultra low price GSM tri-band phone, the HOP1805 is aimed at emerging markets while the HOP1810 is a GSM dual-band camera phone.

The HOP1808 dual SIM mobile phone with camera and the HOP1809 3G mobile phone with camera will also launch - but will only be available on North and South America.

The Hop-On CEO said: "Since Apple is launching their new 3G iPhone Monday, maybe I can talk to Steve Jobs, CEO of Apple and see if he'll buy our $10 phone and include it as a give away in their packaging. This way, if you drop your 3G iPhone in the water, you can use the backup to call Apple for anther $500 phone. They can call it the Back-up iPhone..."