A new mobile phone, the makers have branded the “Anti-iPhone” has been launched in the US that costs just $10.

Although Brits are used to not paying anything for the latest handset, the new ultra cheap £5 handset will be available worldwide and mean virtually anyone can get a mobile phone.

The Hop1800 from Hop-on the will come in two varieties; a dual-band 850/1900MHz and a 900/1800MHz for Europe and Asia. It will weigh 77 grams, offer 4 hours of talk time, 150 hours of standby time and polyphonic ring tones.

At a $10 price point in the US retail and convenient stores, the Hop1800 could be considered disposable, but the company offers a $5 rebate for returning the phone to encourage recycling the phone to “Keep it Green”.

The makers say that the phone will be able to be used with over 40 operators around the world including AT&T, Cingular and T-Mobile in the US, as well as, through Hop-On’s own low cost Graffiti Wireless network.

The catch? There is no display.